Every business deserves a chance.

This company will always operate with this ideology. Digisist started with one idea, one person, and continues to believe in yours.

Meet Chris

The president and founder of Digisist, Christopher M. Calkins Jr., was born into a hard-working family that owns and operates multiple businesses throughout New England. His father, a Master Electrician, started Calkins Electric LLC in 2001, which is when Chris experienced his first taste of entrepreneurship. Two decades later, Calkins Electric LLC continues to trust Digisist to ensure that their books are in order and that the business remains competitive and compliant.

As Chris says, “The industry is everchanging and each day presents a new challenge - but, once you experience the excitement of the trades, you just can't get enough.”

No matter the industry, trust and competency are a must. We are proud to provide these necessities while delivering quality results that are both accurate and up-to-date. With Digisist, hard work, compassion, and success are always our top priority.

Chris, owner of Digisist
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